Commercial Services

  Our specialist arboricultural services include:

•Free non-obligation estimates
•Free advice
•Site clearance
•Tree waste removal
•Tree Preservation Order (TPO) enquiries (We will enquire and obtain the relevant information from local authorities)
•Felling / restricted felling
•Crown reduction
•Crown thinning
•Crown lifting
•Hedge and Conifer trimming and reshaping
•Stump removal (grinding)
•Supply of log and mulch / wood chip

Site clearance: This type of work is carried out within various environments, some examples our work is; clearing shrubs, all species of trees and bushes from construction sites to enable building works to commence, clearance to allow access for machinery and selective felling in Woodlands. All log and wood chip can be removed from site.

Tree waste removal: We can remove most clean tree waste from various sites for both domestic and commercial clients.

Felling: As a last resort, when there is no alternative the felling and removal of a tree can be the only solution. We fell all sizes of trees and specialise in restricted area felling where the tree is removed in small sections (sectional felling). An alternative to felling is "Pollarding" where the tree canopy is removed leaving only the tree stem.

Crown Reduction: Also known as crown reshaping crown reduction reduces a tree's overall size whilst maintaining it's natural shape by removing or cutting back stems and branches. This avoids a tree becoming too large and reducing light to the surrounding areas.

Crown Thinning: Selective removal of internal branches (sometimes dead, weak, crossing branches and epicormic growth) this also allows light to pass through the tree as the density of the crown is reduced. As a general rule this should not exceed 30% of the original spread.

Crown Lifting: Removal of lower branches to raise the height of the tree's canopy from ground level. Hedge and Conifer trimming and reshaping: We trim and reshape all species of hedges and shrubs. Our Conifer work includes lowering and trimming large and small Conifers to the required height.

Stump removal (grinding): Tree stumps can be left in the ground after felling trees however this can lead to problems with new shoots arising from the trunk and roots. Physical removal of the stump is the best solution. Our grinding machines allow us to access stumps of all sizes even in restricted areas.

Supply of log, mulch / wood chip: This can be supplied and delivered in any quantity subject to availability.

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