Treelink North West

Catering to all tree surgery requirements. Based in Rochdale, Treelink North West Ltd is a professional tree surgery company that provides fast, friendly and efficient tree services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout North West England.

We are able to utilise our tree surgery expertise to offer our clients a comprehensive range of arboricultural services, from stump grinding to tree surveys and dangerous tree removal.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with specialist tree services at affordable prices, with free advice and free estimates, with site clearance included in the price.

We are fully qualified and insured, with CSCS cards for the construction industry.

Tree Surgery

We provide our customers with a full range of Arboricultural Services including Tree Felling, Tree Removal, Crown Reduction, Crown Thinning, Crown Lifting, Hedge & Conifer Trimming & Reshaping.
We can make that overgrown tree look great again anytime of year.

Tree Crowning

This involves re-shaping the tree and comes in three forms.
Crown Thinning removes the density of the branches.
Crown Lifting removes the lower branches.
Crown Reduction reduces the height and spread of the tree.

Stump Grinding

If you've had a tree removed, the remaining stump can regrow or produce fungi which can spread. Grinding the stump down to below the surface of the topsoil effectively repairs and allows replanting in the area.
Stump grinding is much less expensive than stump removal and it doesn't disturb the soil or surrounding lawn area.

Tree Felling

As a last resort, felling and removal of a tree can be the only solution. We fell all sizes of trees and specialise in restricted area felling where the tree is removed in small sections.
Alternatively, Pollarding is where the tree canopy is removed leaving only the tree stem.

Treelink Qualifications


We provide hedge and conifer trimming and reshaping, pruning them back to more manageable sizes while shaping them to keep them looking great.
Tree's can be pruned by reducing the crown through crown reduction, crown lifting or crown thinning.

Site Clearance

We clear sites of shrubs and all species of trees and bushes.
Examples include motorways and construction sites to enable building works to commence, clearance to allow access for machinery and selective felling in Woodlands. All logs and wood chip can be removed from site.

& Woodchip

We provide specially prepared Firewood, Mulch & Woodchip.
Firewood is cut to manageable household fireplace sizes and seasoned to burn hotter and longer.
Wood Chippings and Mulch are great for plant beds and landscaping projects.


We remove all the waste from the site and recycle as much of the waste as we can from what we do.
The waste that cannot be recycled is disposed of responsibly and is used for a variety of uses from compost to enviromentally friendly energy production.

Springtime Leaves

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